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“Uganda Team” Introduction Video

The German part of the Kkindu-Idstein school partnership is overseen by the so-called “Uganda Team” – A group of students at Limesschule Idstein who organize and conduct various intercultural projects (More information: Partnership).

We – the members of the “Uganda Team” – would like to introduce ourselves in the following video and paragraphs. Feel free to ask back or tell us more about you in the comments below!

Some of us don’t want to share their video contribution publically but nevertheless they introduce themselves in the worthwhile paragraphs below:

Jasper Hildebrand:

“Hi, I’m Jasper. I am fifteen years old and I live in Idstein-Wörsdorf in Germany. My school is in Idstein and I get there by bus. I also like to play basketball. <<Ich würde sagen, ich bin lustig, hilfsbereit und nett.>> – That was German and it meant: <<I’m funny, I’m kind and I’m willing to help.>>”

Elena Rostomashvili:

“Hello! My name is Elena Rostomashvili. I am born in Germany but my dad is from Georgia. We have a little dog and his name is Oscar. I like acting and in my free-time I also do often sport or meet my friends. Three words that would describe me are open-minded, creative and optimistic. My way to school takes only ten minutes but I’m still often too late. <<ნახვამდის>> – That means goodbye in Georgian.”

Natalie Maurer:

“Hello, I’m Natalie. I’m fifteen years old and I’m from Germany. I live in Idstein-Wörsdorf and usually every morning I take the bus to school. I think the way is about four kilometres. My hobbies are kickboxing – but at the moment it’s a little bit difficult because of Corona and the gym is closed – and I like to meet my friends in my free-time and I also like gaming. Now I will describe myself with three words. First in German and then in English. I will translate it for you. <<Ich bin selbstbewusst und auf meine eigene Art lustig und ich bin sehr spontan.>> – Well, I am self-confident, spontaneous and I think I’m kind of funny. Goodbye!”

Maxime Mahmoodi:

“I’m Maxime and I am seventeen years old. My mum is from France and my dad is from Iran but I was born here in Germany. I have a big brother and a cat as well. I like doing creative work, meeting friends and being outside in nature. I’m also interested in music and politics. << Les trois mots qui me définis sont ouverture d’esprit, imaginative et généreux. >> – That was French and it means: <<The three words that would describe me would be being open-minded, imaginative and generous.>> I can take the bus to school but I prefer walking or riding my bike which takes about 20 minutes. Au revoir! – Goodbye!”

Now you know who we are. But we’d also like to know who you are! Please tell us about you in the comments below or a video reply!

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